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enzymefeatures - (size stereochemistry non-covalent...

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Progress of reaction Free Energy Transition State Substrate Product G [S] [P] G o reaction G uncat FEATURES OF ENZYMES 3) Regulation 2) Substrate Specificity 1) Catalytic Power speed up rate of reaction over uncatalyzed by 10 6 - 10 12 catalyzed rate uncatalyzed rate = G cat e G uncat G cat ( ) - /RT lock and key model; induced fit model molecular recognition through structural complementarity
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Unformatted text preview: (size, stereochemistry, non-covalent interactions) amount of enzyme synthesized (induction, repression) positive and negative modulators (activators, inhibitors) covalent control (one enzyme controls another) product/substrate ratio (mass action) multiple forms (isozymes) ES EP...
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