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Fat Protein Carbohydrates Proteins Polysaccharides Lipids Nucleic acids Membranes Organelles Cells Carbohydrate phosphates -Ketoacids Acyl-CoA s Amino acids ANABOLISM (endergonic) (synthesis) (reduction) CATABOLISM (degradation) (oxidation) (exergonic) GENERAL FEATURES OF METABOLISM energy supply energy storage NAD + NADH/H + O 2 ATP 2 . 5 H 2 O FAD FADH 2 O 2 ATP 1 . 5 H 2 O ATP AMP -15.7 kcal/mol
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Unformatted text preview: ATP ADP-7.3 kcal/mol P N anabolic catabolic irreversible opposing steps RECIPROCAL REGULATION oxidative phosphorylation reaction coupling FAD FADH 2 NAD + NADH/H + NADP + NADPH/H + NADP + NADPH/H + oxidation of metabolites, reduction of coenzymes reduction of metabolites, oxidation of NADPH...
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