gibbshydrolysislinks - -5.0 kcal/mol-4.7 kcal/mol-11.8...

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C O OCH 2 CHCH 2 OH OH O P O O O H O C O P O O O H H H O O C CH O P O O O H H H O R H N C C O P O O O H O CH 2 O H O P O O O O P O BASE N C N C O O O OH CoenzymeA S C O O P O O O H O O P O H CH C O O H O H H H O O C CH C C N H R O O H H H H O R H N C C O CH 2 O O P O O O H BASE BASE O O P O H O CH 2 O acetal amide ester phosphoester acetal phosphate acyl phosphates thioester phosphoanhydrides -4.0 kcal/mol -4.8 kcal/mol -3.3 kcal/mol
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Unformatted text preview: -5.0 kcal/mol-4.7 kcal/mol-11.8 kcal/mol-7.5 kcal/mol-8.0 kcal/mol-7.7 kcal/mol-7.3 kcal/mol ∆ G o' for Hydrolysis/Condensation of Linkages...
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