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GLYCOGEN METABOLISM Process enzyme noncarbohydrate Comments Regulation Name Substrate Product Activate Synthesis Activate Degradation Glycogenesis (synthesis) UDPG pyrophosphorylase UTP PP i "activates" glucose; pyrophosphatase activity pulls reaction glycogen synthase UDP glycogen starter protein needed ( glycogenin ); multiple regulation dephosate enzyme; insulin branching enzyme Breaks a 1-4 linkages Forms a 1-6 linkages transfers 7 residue segment to form a branch
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Unformatted text preview: Glycogenolysis (degradation) glycogen phosphorylase P i Form G1P without spending ATP; multiple regulation; can get to 4 residues away from branch phosate enzyme; glucagon; epinephrine; Ca +2 glucose-6-phosphatase H 2 O P i liver debranching enzyme 4 residue limit branch removed transfers 3 residue segments H 2 O hydrolyzes a 1-6 linkage of branch residue left after transfer...
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