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metaball2000 - glucose 6P acetoacetate INTERMEDIARY...

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acetyl CoA aspartate pyruvate lactate glutamate glutamine malonyl ACP alanine acetoacetyl CoA hydroxymethylglutaryl CoA glyceraldehyde 3P citrate α -ketoglutarate oxaloacetate succinyl CoA isopentenyl PP fatty acids triacylglycerols glycogen fatty acids triacylglycerols cholesterol acyl ACP β -ketoacyl ACP acetyl ACP ornithine arginine carbamoyl P urea asparagine proline serine cysteine glycine ammonium bicarbonate PEP fructose 1,6bP
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Unformatted text preview: glucose 6P acetoacetate INTERMEDIARY METABOLISM PRibosePP purine monophosphate uric acid 2 gln 2 glu aspartate fumarate glycine CO 2 protoporphyrin glycine fumarate ammonium pyrimidine monophosphate NADH FADH 2 O 2 H 2 O NAD + FAD CO 2 CO 2 CO 2 CO 2 CO 2 CO 2 PRibosePP CO 2 β-ketoacyl CoA acyl CoA CO 2 ribose 5P glucose fructose 6P...
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