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Introduction to Metabolism General nutrients absorbed from digestion (animals); starches (4 kcal/g) fats (9 kcal/g) protein (4 kcal/g) vitamins and minerals catabolism supplies energy to the organism,; nutrients converted to intermediates (convergence); oxidation of metabolites anabolism uses energy from organism’s supply; intermediates converted to building blocks(divergence); building blocks converted to biopolymers; reduction of metabolites Regulation metabolism is integrated; small number of intermediates connect many biomolecule pathways metabolism is coordinated; allosteric control and covalent control of important enzymes anabolic and catabolic reactions between the same metabolites are reciprocally regulated, i.e. inhibitor of anabolic enzyme is also activator of catabolic enzyme hydrophilic hormones control enzyme activity in cells that have receptors for those hormones in their plasma
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