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Properties of Water PROPERTY IMPORTANCE TO BIOCHEMISTRY Thermal Conductivity 1.0 cal/g 5.2 cal/hr•cm•K highest of all liquids and solids except liq. ammonia prevent extreme T's; heat transfer Enthalpy of Fusion 1.44 kcal/mol highest except for ammonia thermal buffer in aquatic environ Enthalpy of Vaporization 9.73 kcal/mol highest of all substances heat and water transfer to atmosphere Thermal Expansion 0.99997 g/cm 3 (4 o C); 0.99984 (0 o C); 0.95836 (100 o
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Unformatted text preview: C) Maximum density at 4 o C, solid less dense than liquid colder water, ice near surface, insulates below Solvent dissolves more substances in higher concentrations than any other substance variety of nutrients available to organisms Freezing & Boiling Point o C; 100 o C much higher than similar substances most water as liquid Light Transmission most transparent in visible underwater photosynthesis...
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