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Assignment 1 JOURNAL DESCRIPTION Analyze a scholarly journal. If you wish to use a journal not discussed in class, be sure to get my approval. Address the following items/questions. If the journal does not provide specific information for a particular item, and you cannot make an educated guess based on other content, so state. 1. What is the name of the journal? If it has changed over time, how so? 2. Who is the publisher, owner, affiliation? 3. What are the annual publication dates/times of year? 4. What is the submission policy? Manuscript style? (Do not quote at length here; describe the policies in your own words). 5. What is the review policy/procedures? Is it a blind review process? How many reviewers are used? What is the time frame? 6. Who is the editor? For how long? Who was the previous editor? Is there a stated editorial
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Unformatted text preview: policy? Is there an unstated editorial policy? Is the policy followed? 7. What are the general contents of the journal, i.e., book reviews, research briefs, cross-fire sections, letters, etc.? 8. What are the kinds of topics in the articles? What types of issues are studied and the types of methods used? Is there a pattern? 9. What changes do you note over time? Skimming issues and titles over a long period, do you detect any major changes in the journal - content, style, types of issues, methods, etc.? Do these correlate with major geo-political and social events of the times or changes occurring in the discipline? 10. What is your overall evaluation of this journal? What is its purpose, its reason for being and its justification? Why should anyone read it? Who is its audience? How well does it accomplish its goals?...
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