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Assignment 3

Assignment 3 - applying theory to practical problems 3...

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Assignment 3 PROBLEM/PURPOSE STATEMENT AND JUSTIFICATION The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about a research topic for your thesis or dissertation. It is part of the first chapter of your research proposal (your final paper. 1. What is the problem you wish to investigate? Why is it a problem? 2. Why is it an important problem? Why is it worth studying? (Here you are providing a justification for your research. There are two justifications for spending the time and money on conducting research: either it is important for theoretical reasons -- you are testing, creating, or furthering theory, or it is important for practical reasons -- you are addressing and attempting to solve or better understand some socially relevant problem. Hence the distinction between theoretic vs. applied research. Many studies combine the two, i.e.,
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Unformatted text preview: applying theory to practical problems.) 3. Background. Give a short history of the problem area. How did it develop, what is it's current status, who has been studying it, etc. 4. Purpose/Research Question(s)/Study Goals (all these terms mean roughly the same thing). How are you going to approach the problem with your study? What do you hope to accomplish with your research towards addressing the problem? And, again, why is your approach an important one?; (i.e. justify your approach/goals/questions). 5. What literature(s) are you planning to review (or have you already reviewed) relevant to the problem. Be as concise as you can. Talk to each other about your research interests; this will help you clarify your thoughts. You should be able to confine this assignment to 2-3 pages....
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