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Assignment 4 HYPOTHESES & RATIONALE The purpose of this assignment is to help you finalize your rationale and statement of specific hypotheses and/or research question. This section appears after the literature review in Chapter 2 of a thesis or dissertation. Sometimes it can be a separate chapter. It is the most important part of any research project. The whole point of research is developing and testing theory. Here is where you state your central thesis (based on the literature review) or theory , which is the argument leading to your hypotheses and/or specific research questions. You should be reviewing the literature relevant to your study. That literature will support a line of argument(s) which is called theory. It should lead you to your own hypotheses. For this assignment, follow the guidelines in the textbook as well as lecture notes. What you produce here will vary depending on the scientific or interpretivist nature of your research. 1. What are the specific hypotheses you wish to test? What are your study predictions? What
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