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Assignments 5

Assignments 5 - study wishing to generalize 5 Briefly...

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Assignments 5-7 ARTICLE CTITIQUES For each of the article critiques do the following: 1. Locate an article which employs the assigned research design. Try to find one that is current and on a subject matter that is of interest to you. 2. Describe the overall purpose of the study. 3. Describe the research design used. 4. Given the design, describe the important critique points you should use in evaluating the study and its results (e.g., internal validity factors are important for experiments and any design testing causal hypotheses, while external validity factors are important for descriptive studies and any
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Unformatted text preview: study wishing to generalize). 5. Briefly critique the study using these points. 6. Do you believe the design used is appropriate to the study's purpose? Why or why not? Your critique should be 1-2 pages in length -- be concise and to the point, cut to the chase, don't beat around the bush, fish or cut bait, drain the swamp, get off the pot, . .... but I digress. Attach a copy of the article or the relevant sections of it....
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