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Section III - Section III. Defining Your Interests:...

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Section III. Defining Your Interests: Scientific Definitions Concepts A concept is an abstraction An abstraction is a grouping of otherwise dissimilar objects A scientific term is a label of a concept Constructs A construct is a concept that is not directly observable A construct does not have a direct reference in the real world A construct must be measured through indicators Types of Constructs There are three types of constructs: Hypothetical : concepts that are hypothesized to exist but cannot be directly observed; examples are "internal mediators" such as attitudes, values, and beliefs Ideal Types : An ideal state or type; e.g., liberal or conservative, extrovert or introvert, perfect vacuum Constructions : A combination of concepts/constructs created by the scientist for the purpose of explanation/prediction; e.g. social-economic status (SES). Such constructions do not exist in observable reality Explication The process of defining scientific terms to make them acceptable for a scientific dictionary The explication process of defining a term has two parts, a conceptual definition and an
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Section III - Section III. Defining Your Interests:...

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