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EDF 5402 Summer, 2002 Experiment Plan 1 Friday, May 17 Think what kind of experiment or quasi-experiment you can conduct in your field of study. Design an experiment or quasi-experiment with one treatment factor (3 or more treatment groups) and one dependent variable, where one-way ANOVA is an appropriate statistical procedure. Step 1. Briefly describe the background. Step 2. a. What is the dependent variable? Also, clarify how you would measure the variable. b. What is the treatment factor (i.e., independent variable)? c. What are the treatment groups for the treatment factor? (3 or more treatment levels) the experiment would have.
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Unformatted text preview: d. How you would assign subjects to the treatment levels? e. Justify your design is either experiment or quasi-experiment. Step 3. Assuming you can expect a relatively large effect size of 2 = 0.30, what sample size would you need for your entire experiment ? To conduct power analysis, use 1 = 0.80 and = 0.05. Note: Bring your typed one-page summary in class on Friday, May 17 . Make enough copies for your group members. You are required to submit one copy of your on-page summary to the instructor, as well as feedback from your group members on Friday, May 17 ....
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