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EDF 5402, Summer 2002 Assignment 1 Due 5-15-02 in class Suppose a researcher was interested in the effect of sleep deprivation on the ability of subjects to perform a vigilance task, such as locating objects moving on a radar screen. The researcher arranged to house the subjects in the laboratory so that he/she would have control over the sleeping habits of the subjects. There were p = 4 treatment conditions, namely, 4, 12, 20 and 28 hours without sleep. There were n = 4 subjects randomly assigned to each of the conditions. The researcher scored on the number of failures to spot objects on a radar screen during a 30-minute test period. Group 1 (4 hr.) Group 2 (12 hr.) Group 3 (20 hr.) Group 4 (28 hr.) 38 34 35 37 28 33 45 45 25 35 46 38 26 22 36 51 Run SPSS Oneway ANOVA procedure. Attach a printout of the data file, as well as the output of the analysis. Then, answer the following questions. Note: When you are asked to verify, you are expected to explicitly state. Part I
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