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EDF 5481 Assignment 4 – April 9, 2002 Due Thursday, April 16 in Class PLEASE TYPE YOUR ANSWERS. PART I Prepare this part on a separate page from PARTII and PART III. Also, attach Part I of . 1. Restate your research question. 2. What types of research design (i.e., qualitative, experimental, non-experimental quantitative, survey etc.) are you planning to employ? 3. Describe what , when , where , and how you intend to conduct your research. Be as specific as possible. Write these descriptions as if you are writing parts of your "Methods" section in the proposal. PART II 1. In the correlation coefficient table in Hannaway (1993), asterisks are given to some correlation coefficients. Answer about the correlation between “Prinaut” and “Tinfl”.
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Unformatted text preview: What are the null hypothesis (H ) and the alternative hypothesis (H 1 ) for the statistical test for this correlation coefficient? What is the p-value for this correlation coefficient, according to the table? Would you reject the H ? Why? Interpret the p-value in b. 2. Answer about Hannaway (1993). Note that she reports the “standardized regression coefficients” in Table 3. What is the null hypothesis for the statistical test for regression coefficients? What is the regression coefficient for parental influence (ParInfl) on teacher influence (Tinfl)? What is the p-value for the regression coefficient in b.? Do you accept the null hypothesis? Why? Interpret the regression coefficient, in light of c and d....
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