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more entropy example

more entropy example - Example(A poorly maintained system...

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Example (A poorly maintained system) Following the same turbine example from previous lecture note. Let us consider that steam enters a turbine with the same pressure of 3 MPa, the same temp. of 400°C, and the same velocity of 150 m/s. The exit conditions remain the same as 100% saturated vapor exits at 100°C with velocity of 50 m/s. Due to poor maintenance, the turbine now develops less work than previously at 450 instead of 500 kJ per kg of steam. There is now more heat transfer between the turbine and its surroundings at an averaged surface temperature of 550 K. The higher temperature is reasonable since there should be more heat generation due to the imperfect operating condition. Determine the new rate at which entropy is produced within the turbine per kg of steam. T s 1 2 dQ/dt at 550 K dW/dt 1 2
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Solution ? Q determine we do How : Question ) / ( 922 . 6 s table, d superheate 6, - A table From ) / ( 356 . 7 s table, saturated 4, - A table From s and , s , Q determine to Need , ) ( 1 1 0 : state Steady : analysis balance Entropy , 0 : on conservati Mass 1 2
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