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FALL 2011 SOPHOMORE HONORS RESEARCH COLLOQUIUM HUM 2944-03 Wednesdays, 5:00- 6:15 p.m. in HCB 101 Dr. Alec Kercheval Dr. Joe O’Shea [email protected] [email protected] Course Description: This is a 1 credit hour S/U course required for all Honors students who were admitted to the Honors program in spring 2011. Honors students will hear from faculty, staff, and students in a variety of fields to learn the benefits of an undergraduate research experience, how to get involved, how to be a successful and productive member of a research program, and complete written assignments for the course. Learning Objectives: 1. By the end of the course students will demonstrate an understanding of the role that research plays in a Research University, and of how to get engaged in research at FSU as an undergraduate. 2. Students will learn about the variety of programs and offices at FSU that can help students conduct and apply their research or creative projects. 3. Students will identify research opportunities on campus particular to their own interests that can enhance their undergraduate education. Course Format: Panel Discussions on Undergraduate Research Two course meetings will consist of panel discussions designed to introduce students to the process of academic research and ways that undergraduates can participate. Students will be able to see examples of how basic research principles and concepts are applied to different fields and research areas. Research Experiences and Activities In lieu of classroom meetings after the first three sessions, there will be four written assignments designed to give students the opportunity to identify possible research experiences. These assignments will be completed and uploaded to the course Blackboard site. Blackboard Support Online support for this colloquium is provided through the campus Blackboard system. Simply visit and log in with your FSU e-mail ID and password, and you’ll have access to your ongoing status in the course, resources and supporting documents and staff contact information. Assignments and instructions for on-line submission will be posted under the “Contents” tab of the Blackboard site for this course. Evaluation and Grading: Attendance Attendance is required at all three class meetings and at the URCAA Symposium (see below). Because we have invited guest speakers for this class who have graciously volunteered their time, it is important that you be on time for each of the class sessions and that you not leave early. If you need to be late or leave early from any session, it is expected that you will discuss this with the instructor in advance. Grading A final grade of S is earned by students who attend all three class meetings and satisfactorily complete and upload all four written assignments by their due dates. Please contact the instructors if circumstances beyond your control interfere with completing the course requirements, or with any other questions about this course.
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