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College Geometry MTG4212 Fall 2011 Homework 1 Due Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Write proofs of Propositions 9-12 (from section 1.2 of the text) carefully, making sure to justify each step using postulates, common notions, and previously proved propositions. Note that proofs of these propositions are contained in the appendix. I suggest that you try the proofs first without consulting the appendix. If you get stuck, go ahead and consult the appendix (or office hours!), but be sure to write the proofs in your own words, filling in any reasons or steps the appendix may leave out. Please make a neat copy of your work before you hand it in. Make your writing as clear and unambiguous as possible. (Before handing in your assignment, ask yourself: If I were
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Unformatted text preview: reading a math book and came across this proof exactly as I’ve written it, would I find it both clear and convincing?) During this week you should finish reading section 1.2 of the text and begin to read section 1.4. (You may read section 1.3 if you like, but it will not be discussed in class.) OFFICE HOURS: My office hours this semester are Monday and Wednesday, 10-11 AM and Friday, 2:15-3:00 PM. My office is Love 109, (email: [email protected]). If you can’t come at this time, please email me or see me after class to make an appointment. Eric Klassen 1...
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