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midterm essay questions for folklore

midterm essay questions for folklore - and every man 3...

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One of the following 8 questions will be on the midterm on October 31st.  There will also be some T/F questions as well. You must use specific examples in responding to the questions. 1. How have Aesop's fables been used over the centuries? Aesop’s fables  have been used to teach lessons of wisdoms, patience and diligence. The  stories continue to be strong tools for moral education for young children.   2. How do the animals in Aesop represent specific human types? Or do  they? The animals in Aesop represent the different human characteristics.  The animals represent mankind with the flaws that are present inside each 
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Unformatted text preview: and every man. 3. Which definition(s) of folklore are most relevant to the Friday storytelling sessions? 4. Why is the Conference of Birds a good reflection of Sufi belief? 5. What are the excuses the birds make for not undertaking the journey to the Simorgh? 6. How does the Decameron reflect Boccaccio's ideas about relationships between men and women? 7. What different storytelling techniques do Boccaccio and Pasolini use in telling the story of Lorenzo and Lisabetta? 8. Who does a better job of telling the story Ser Cepparello, Pasolini or Boccaccio? Why? Are they even portraying the same character?...
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