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1 MUH 2051/2512 (Bakan) lecture notes, Ch. 7 (Bali/Indonesia) Students—Read and review the opening chapters and learn the following on your own: Map locations (p. 87): Java and Bali (islands/Indonesian provinces); Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surakarta (Javanese cities); Denpasar (Balinese city) Timeline dates (p. 88—link to relevant materials in the chapter) Basic background info on Bali and Indonesia o What is the capital of Indonesia? Of Bali? o How many islands in Republic of Indonesia? Inhabited? o Region of world and other countries there? o Population of Java, of Bali, of Indonesia o History of Republic of Indonesia (as independent nation, as Dutch colony, pre-colonial history, religious strata) o Features of Agama Tirta (Balinese Hinduism) o Bali Aga (box, p. 92) o Caste and class in Bali (box, p. 100) PART 1 (pp. 87-99) Focus of this unit is gamelan music, specifically certain gamelan traditions of Bali. We will focus mainly on one type of Balinese gamelan, the gamelan beleganjur, and also devote some attention to the Balinese gamelan gong kebyar, as well as to Central Javanese court gamelan (gamelan kraton), which is identified mainly with two Javanese cities: Yogyarkarta and Surakarta. Link between interlocking as a musical elements and the values and practices of interlocking--social, spiritual, and metaphysical--as key cultural element. I want to focus on the actual instruments and musical-cum-musicultural aspects, so we’ll move quickly through background and context information, which students should read and review on their own. Gamelan : generic term for a diverse class of mainly percussion-dominated music ensembles found on Bali, Java, and other Indonesian islands (related ensembles elsewhere in SE Asia too). Bali o small island in center of Indonesian archipelago o province of Republic of Indonesia (R of I founded in 1945, consolidated 1949) o Indonesian nation occupies territories of former Dutch colonies, collectively was the Dutch East Indies Company. o Efforts at national unification: Bahasa Indonesia, “Unity in Diversity (and its attendant cultural nationalism o Indonesia mainly Muslim (world’s largest Muslim nation) but Bali predom. Hindu: Agama Tirta . Hindu relig. and culture brought to Bali from Java beginning 13 th c. (though with roots in Indian antiquity); gamelan music accompanies virtually all rituals and performances assoc. w. religion. Hindu-Balinese
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Bali_lectures_Ch7(1) - MUH 2512 Bali lectures(Ch 7 1 MUH...

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