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Exam_2_study_guide - MUH 2512 Dr Bakan Exam 1 Study Guide...

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MUH 2512 Dr. Bakan Exam 1 Study Guide Format: This is a multiple-choice exam. It will include at least 100 questions (no more than 125). You will indicate your answers on a Scantron form. The first portion of the exam will be a listening test; this will be administered at the beginning of the exam period. The exam in total covers Chs. 1-6 and 9-11 of your textbook and its related materials (lecture materials, CD set exs., Musical Guided Tours, Online Musical Illustrations, etc.). The following is a detailed breakdown of the contents of the exam that is intended to guide you in your studies: I) Listening exam (25-35%) Excerpts of several musical examples from the text’s accompanying CD set and from the Musical Guided Tours for Chs. 9, 10, and 11 will be played, and you will be asked to identify the example and/or to answer one or more questions about it (all within a multiple-choice question format). Examples drawn from the Online Musical Illustrations may appear as well. The examples played will be drawn from the following list, and the information included next to the track number on this list indicates specifically what you may need to know in order to correctly identify/account for the given selection. The Guided Listening Experience and Musical Guided Tour selections will be the ones most likely to have multiple questions and/or questions that go beyond straight identification linked to them. CD #1: 1-2: Japan; gagaku 1-3: Egypt/Middle East; Qur’anic recitation (or Qur’anic chant) 1-5: Mongolia; multiphonic singing (or overtone singing) 1-6: Central Java (Indonesia); “Ketawang: Puspawarna”; Central Javanese court gamelan; multiple-melody texture 1-12: Aboriginal Australian song; “Ibis”; Alan Maralung; didjeridu 1-18: Blues/khoomei “fusion”; “Kargyraa Moan”; Paul Pena; American blues and Tuvan music syncretism 1-19: Blues; “A Funny Way of Asking”; Charles Atkins (of Tallahassee); 12-bar blues form; triple subdivision of beats (blues shuffle rhythm) 1-21: Mexico; mariachi; triple meter 1-22: Romania; Roma dance song; 7-beat meter (or 3-beat short-short-long “meter” from emic perspective) 1-23: Bhangra; India; syncopated “hoi” shouts 1-25: South India (Karnatak): Instruments—vina, mrdangam, tambura; example of free rhythm (at beginning)
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1-26: Native American “Eagle Dance” song; characteristic descending melodic contour of Plains-style Native American music 1-32: Steel band (musical tradition originally from Trinidad and Tobago)
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Exam_2_study_guide - MUH 2512 Dr Bakan Exam 1 Study Guide...

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