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Musicultural Journal Assignment Grade weight: Four journal entries @ 5% each = 20% of final grade total Word count: The word count for each of the four entries should be 500-750 words (2-3 pages, double-spaced). Due dates: See the Blackboard course calendar document for due dates. Instructions for completing the assignment: For this assignment, you will create an ongoing musicultural journal chronicling your experiences relative to the role of music and culture in your life. The prospective topical content of your entries is quite open-ended. The format of each entry should be a short, well-written essay or narrative. Proofread carefully to avoid typos, grammatical errors, and other problems relating to writing mechanics. Here are some suggestions for journal entry topics. You can follow a single “theme” throughout all four journal entries or “mix and match” different kinds of entries depending on your interests and perceived needs: 1) Respond to issues and concepts that arise in class or in your reading of the
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