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Unformatted text preview: MUH 2512: Self-Study Assignment Chapter 12 NAME________________ 1. The interrelated domains of Egyptian dance examined in this chapter are: a. raqs baladi, raqs sharqi, and belly dance b. zaar, takht, and tabla solo c. maqam, dum, and tek 2. The Arab-Islamic world encompasses a. the Arabian Peninsula b. Iraq, Syria, Jordan c. the Maghrib region of northern Africa d. all of the above 3. True or False: Two important features unifying the vast and culturally diverse Arab- Islamic world are the religion of Islam and the Arabic language. 4. The adoption of Islam and the Arabic language in Egypt fostered a. significant cultural developments in the realm of religion, science, politics, literature, and music. b. more accepting societal attitudes regarding the place of music and dance in religious worship c. increased isolation of the Egyptians from other peoples of the region d. all of the above 5. The rise of Egyptian nationalism was inspired by a. resentment toward the occupying Greeks and Assyrians b. general opposition towards foreign domination of Egypt c. a new nationalist spirit that led to the rejection of pan-Arabism d. Both A and C, but not B 6. A maqam in Arab music a. is identical to a raga in Indian music; maqam is an Arabic translation of the term raga b. features both musical and extramusical characteristics that distinguish it from other maqamat c. traditionally employs a “scale” of seven ascending and seven descending pitches derived from the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale; the ascending and descending forms may differ from one another d. is the sole basis of any taqsim performance; as in Indian music, modulation from one “mode” to another is strictly forbidden 7. True/False: The French occupation and British colonization of Egypt had profound political ramifications on Egyptian society, but Egyptian music and its related culture were affected only to a small extent by these sociohistorical developments....
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Self-Study_Assignment_Ch.12 - MUH 2512 Self-Study...

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