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SELF-STUDY ASSIGNMENT: CHAPTER 14 1. The Zohar is: a. the central literary work of the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah b. the Jewish Bible c. a religious sect d. a contemporary Jewish popular music style 2. Chapter 14 explores: a. the musical qualities of Jewish religious services b. the life of King David c. the relationship of humans and God and the way that relationship is played out in music rooted in or inspired by the Zohar 3. The original language in which the Zohar was written was: a. Hebrew b. Arabic c. Aramaic d. the main language spoken by Jews in the 2 nd century CE e. both C and D 4. Roza D'Shabbos: a. means “The Secret of the Sabbath” b. is a passage from the Zohar c. has been the basis for many different musical settings, including several discussed in this chapter d. all of the above 5. True/False: Rabbinic Judaism has been the principal form of religious Jewish practice from Roman times to the present. 6 . True/False: The majority of the world's Jewish population has lived in the state of Israel continuously for more than two thousand years. 7-8. The transcendent, spiritual ideal stemming from the Zohar that has been central to Kabbalistic practices is called__________, which literally means __ __ ___ ____ ___ ________. 9-12. The Hebrew Bible consists of __________ main parts. Its seminal core is the
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Self-Study_Assignment_Ch.14 - SELF-STUDY ASSIGNMENT CHAPTER...

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