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SYLLABUS MUH 2512-01 Music in World Cultures Dr. Michael Bakan Fall 2007 Description This course provides an introductory survey of traditions and transformations of music in global perspective, exploring music both as a phenomenon of sound and a phenomenon of culture. The focus of the course is not traditional music per se , but is rather musics of tradition , with tradition understood as a process of transformation whose most remarkable feature is the continuity it nurtures and sustains. Within this framework, we will explore everything from folk and classical genres to contemporary styles of world beat, jazz, popular, and experimental music. Objectives To understand and appreciate music from an ethnomusicological perspective, that is, as a musicultural phenomenon. To learn about a diverse range of musics and musicultural traditions from around the world. To learn how musics have evolved and developed through the unique conditions of the historical and cultural processes that gave rise to them, as well as to comprehend how they continue to develop and transform in a contemporary world defined by large-scale processes of globalization, mass mediation, and electronic communications. Blackboard site The syllabus, announcements, course calendar, assignments, and other essential materials and resources (including lecture notes) are posted on the course Blackboard site, which you should check regularly. You also need to regularly check your FSU email account (or an account to which you have FSU course e-mails forwarded to you if you have one), as e-mail messages sent to the class will be the primary medium for communication of essential information (regarding assignments, tests, schedule modifications, etc.). The Blackboard roster email list will be the vehicle through which I send emails to the class. Required text and accompanying CD set
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Syllabus_F07 - SYLLABUS MUH 2512-01 Music in World Cultures...

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