DowntownRedev - Five (Six?) Downtown Strategies 1)...

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Five (Six?) Downtown Strategies 1) 1945-1955 Downtown as the Unitary Center of the Metro Area 2) 1955-1965 Downtown as a Failing Business/RE Center 3) 1965-1975 Downtown as a Federation of Subdistricts 4) 1975-1985 Downtown as a Set of Individual Experiences 5) 1985-1995 Downtown as the Modern Command Post 6) 1995-Present? Downtown as a Residential and Commercial Center (A Living Downtown)
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Downtown Redevelopment Strategies 1) Pedestrianization (take advantage of density and accessibility) --Pedestrian malls, Skywalks 2) Indoor Shopping Centers (compete with suburban malls) --Downtown vertical malls 3) Historic Preservation (emphasize historical character of the city) --Historic districts, Renovated structures, Main streets 4) Waterfront Development (redevelop industrial space as a playground) --Tourist-based waterfronts, Civic-based waterfronts 5) Office Development (become a corporate center) --Large private office complexes, Government complexes 6) Special Activity Generators (develop entertainment/tourism base)
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DowntownRedev - Five (Six?) Downtown Strategies 1)...

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