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neighbusfinance - Financing Neighborhood Businesses...

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Unformatted text preview: Financing Neighborhood Businesses Businesses Collaborative Strategies Written by Beverly McLean & Written James Bates James Presented by Sherri Baker Collaborative Financing Neighborhood Businesses Businesses Private Sector The Neighborhood An Intermediate An Agent Agent Community-Based Community-Based Organizations Organizations Government Desirable Economic Development Outcomes Outcomes Job Creation For-profit businesses For-profit locating or expanding in distressed neighborhoods neighborhoods Employment Training Employment & Job Placement Services Services Facilitate Business Facilitate Start-ups Start-ups Bring unavailable Bring goods & services to neighborhood neighborhood Improve Improve vacant/underutilized building or sites building Application of Collaborative Financing Financing Distressed Inner City Neighborhoods Neighborhoods in Need of Revitalization Neglected Neighborhoods Collaborative Financing Effectiveness Effectiveness (4 Case Studies) (4 State of Maryland Neighborhood Business State Development Program Development Neighborhood Main Street Initiative Nuestra Communidad Development Nuestra Corporation Corporation South Shore Bank (Shorebank South Corporation) Corporation) Elements of Success Elements Multifaceted Orientation Locality-Based Assets Orientation Result-Driven Orientation Collaboration ...
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