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Parmenides: Third man argument: The form of beauty is beautiful The form of circle is circular The form of human is human Must be another form of humans itself and the form Copy Theory Participation Theory “and do you think there is an idea of likeness besides the idea of likeness that already exists” It might seem embarrassing that there is an idea of dirt, but if you think about it, there has to be an idea of dirt Either the whole of the idea or the part o If whole, then no other individual can partake o If you hold its part, then you can’t correctly peticrite the term of it since the individual only has a part of it o Is each one of many? – one idea or many?
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Unformatted text preview: o The one will be in many people Human conceive of one thing present in all Infinite regress When we preticate accidents of some substance, then the accident isnt identical to that substance Your thoughts must be thoughts of SOMETHING An idea is not our thought of the idea Idea of human related to idea of man Idea of master related to idea of slave that doesnt involve us relationship of ideas Absolute knowledge to absolute truth We have no share in absolute knowledge so we know nothing Knowledge of imperfection leads to change in a being...
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