Quiz 4.1_Answer - QUIZ 4(1 Name...

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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ 4 (1) Name: ………………………………………………. 1. 2. 3. 4. Lecturer: Huỳnh Th Ng c Anh ị ọ Page 1 5. 6. Job order costing may be used with a. Standard costing. b. Absorption costing. c. Activity costing. c. All of the above. 7. Normal spoilage costs that are common to all jobs would be a. Charged to WIP. b. Charged to factory overhead. c. Charged to a loss account. d. Charged to cost of goods sold. e. Charged to a specific job. f. None of these. The following data are applicable to the next 3 questions. Circle the letter of your choice for each of the multiple choice questions below. Sales $1,000 Cost of jobs completed and sold 800 Factory overhead rate multiplied by actual direct labor hours incurred 300 Purchases of materials 500 Cost of supplies used 60...
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Quiz 4.1_Answer - QUIZ 4(1 Name...

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