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STUBusComClassSyllabusSpr2011.3.21.11 - INTERNATIONAL...

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INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS CENTER TROY UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE PROGRAM TROY-Saigon Technology University (STU) CAMPUS Business Communication STU Course Code: STU A- 403 BUCO 3382 & STU A- 403 BUCO 3682 Course Syllabus Spring Semester, 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Roger A. Strong, Esq. COURSE PREREQUISITE: English 1102 or English 1104 OFFICE HOURS: Monday 1:30 AM – 4:30 PM (STU A- 403 BUCO 3382) Friday 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM (STU A- 403 BUCO 3682) And by appointment. OFFICE LOCATION: Saigon Technology University (STU) 180 Cao Lo Street, Ward 4, District 8 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam OFFICE TELEPHONE: (848) 3-850-6596 EMAIL: [email protected] WEB SITE: www.troyhcmc.edu.vn TIME OF CLASS and CLASS LOCATION: Monday 1:30 AM – 4:30 PM (STU A- 403 BUCO 3382) Friday 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM (STU A- 403 BUCO 3682) Saigon Technology University 180 Cao Lo Street, Ward 4, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam COURSE DESCRIPTION: Analysis and composition of business communications including mechanics and content of letters, business memoranda and the satisfaction of the course objectives as stated below. COURSE OBJECTIVES: On completion of the course, the student should be able to: 1. Correctly select, plan and compose letters, resumes, memoranda and reports. 2. Explain business communication concepts, methodologies, and formats. 3. Plan and deliver a well organized oral presentation. 4. Participate effectively in business discussions with peers. 5. Critically review work, accept suggestions and make revisions. 6. Discuss essential facets of intercultural business communication.
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STU Business Communication BUSC 3362 & 3382 Spring 2011 Course Syllabus PURPOSE: To prepare students to enter the business community with the basic English standard international communication skills to competentantly compete in all facets of domestic and international business communication requirements. TEXTBOOK: Essentials of Business Communication, 9 th Edition, Guffey, Mary Ellen, South- Western Publishing Co. (2007). ISBN-10: 0-324-58800-3 ISBN-13 978-0-324-58800-2 OTHER MATERIALS: All reference materials listed in the course text book and as supplemented and/or referred to by the lecturer in class. In addition, any readings, beyond the assigned text, will be assigned in class as homework assignments. CLASS PROCEDURE AND REQUIREMENTS: This course will be delivered in a lecture/discussion format. Primary delivery will through PowerPoint (PPT) and overhead presentations. PPT Presentations will be posted to the web site prior to class. Students should print the PPT presentations and bring them to class to allow them to focus on the topic and to take more organized notes . GRADING METHODS & EXAMINATIONS: Final grades will be calculated as a weighted average as follows: Criteria to evaluate Chapters need to be covered Percentage of final grade Understanding of text material 1-16 To be determined via results of exam questions as follows.
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STUBusComClassSyllabusSpr2011.3.21.11 - INTERNATIONAL...

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