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Willie Reaves PHYS 116 Dr. Williamon 20 Oct 2011 Example Questions for Chapter 10 1. The chromosphere is which layer of the solar atmosphere? a. Innermost b. Middle (CORRECT ANSWER) c. Highest d. There is no layer of the solar atmosphere with this name; the chromosphere is used to describe our Moon 2. Lines that represent the directions in which compass needles would point if we placed them within a magnetic field are called what? a. Solar prominences lines b. Solar flare lines c. Spectral lines d. Magnetic field lines (CORRECT ANSWER) 3. Coronal mass ejections are primarily problematic for earthlings for what reason? Correct response should be along the lines of the following: Coronal mass ejections,
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Unformatted text preview: which are huge bubbles of highly energized solar particles, cause disruptions in radio communications, disrupt electrical power, and damage orbiting satellites. 4. The sun shines by a fusion of ____ into _____ in the sun’s core? a. Carbon; oxygen b. Oxygen; carbon dioxide c. Helium; hydrogen d. Hydrogen; helium (CORRECT ANSWER) 5. Heavy water is water in which the two hydrogen atoms have been replaced by which of the following elements? a. Deuterium (CORRECT ANSWER) b. Oxygen c. Ferrous ions d. Einsteinium...
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