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Example Test - lighter c You are temporarily weightless(CORRECT ANSWER#1 d Your mass remains the same despite the happenings of the

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Willie Reaves Dr. Richard Williamon PHYS 116 6 September 2011 Example Test Questions for Chapter 4 1. A professional ice skater prepares to perform a stunt. After holding her arms outstretched at her sides for several seconds, she draws in her arms and holds them close to her body. Which of the following has occurred? a. An increase in her rotational velocity (CORRECT) b. A decrease in her angular momentum c. Nothing; her energy and speed remain unchanged d. A decrease in her rotational velocity 2. Imagine that you are accelerating upward in the elevator in Clairmont Tower at a constant velocity when suddenly the cable breaks and you are thrown into free-fall. What has happened to your mass and weight? Choose exactly two answers. a. Your mass has increased because you are in free-fall. b. Your weight has increased because the elevator cable made you temporarily
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Unformatted text preview: lighter c. You are temporarily weightless (CORRECT ANSWER #1) d. Your mass remains the same despite the happenings of the elevator (CORRECT ANSWER #2) 3. Which of the following phenomena explain why we always see (nearly) the same face of the Moon? a. Tidal force b. Gravitational encounter c. Synchronous rotation (CORRECT ANSWER) d. Conservation of lunar momentum 4. Which of Newton’s laws of motion explains why you do not feel a sensation of motion while flying in an airplane? a. Newton’s First Law ( CORRECT ANSWER) b. Newton’s Second Law c. Newton’s Third Law d. Newton’s Fourth Law of Directional Thermodynamics 5. Please choose the formula that explains how energy can be transformed into mass. a. b. (CORRECT ANSWER) c. d....
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