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37-45 - 37 Advertising for Advil pain reliever shows Advil...

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37) Advertising for Advil pain reliever shows Advil is superior to Tylenol. This is an example of _________advertising. A. Informative B. Reminder C. Persuasive D. Descriptive 38) Assume you are advertising very expensive authentic Turkish carpets to upscale investors in Germany. Credibility and prestige are important. The best medium for your advertising message is _____________. A. Direct mail B. Magazine C. Newspapers D. Television 39) The number of different persons exposed to a particular media schedule at least once during some specified time is the ___________ of an advertisement. A. Impact B. Iteration C. Reach D. Frequency 40) Bradford Soap, the second largest soap maker in the world, occasionally arranges tours of their plant in Warwick, Rhode Island. This is part of what kind of communications platform? A. Sales promotion B. Public Relations C. Personal selling D. Experiences 41) Which is correct about “noise” in the communication process? A . It interferes with intended communication B. It is controllable C. It mostly happens during the decoding stage
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