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Dowling, ME 240, Fall 2010 ME 240, Practice Midterm Exam #2 (100 pts total) You may use the textbook, a dictionary, class notes, homework, homework solutions, a simple calculator (no symbolic manipulation or differential equation solving capabilities), and a crib sheet. No other electronic equipment allowed. Do the easiest problems first. If you run out of time, write a note describing how you would complete the unfinished item(s). Specify the direction of all vector quantities. 1. A small ball is launched vertically with a velocity of v = v o ˆ j from a hard flat horizontal surface. Under the action of gravity g , the ball falls back to the surface, bounces up, falls back again, bounces up again, etc. until eventually all motion ceases. For the following items, use ordinary Cartesian coordinates with the y -axis vertical. a) (20 pts) If the coefficient of restitution between the ball and surface is e , how long does it take for the ball to become stationary? b) (10 pts) How is your answer to part a) modified if the ball's initial velocity is:
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