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Unformatted text preview: GENERAL-PURPOSE AIR VELOCITY TRANSDUCERS FMA-900-V Series 822 $ All models Optional Up to 1.5% Accuracy Remote Probe Model Available with 4.6 m (15') Cable Each Unit Individually Calibrated Durable Fast-Response Platinum Sensors Compact Solid-State Electronics Directly Monitors True Air Mass Velocity Linear 0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA Output 400 msec Response Time Economical Insertion Design 15 Vdc INPUT COMPRESSION FITTING 0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA OUTPUT DUCT, PIPE HOOD, CLEAN BENCH, ETC FLOW 10 TO 10,000 SFPM FMA-902-V, $822, shown smaller than actual size. The unique FMA-900 air velocity transducer utilizes both a velocity sensor and a temperature sensor to accurately measure air velocity (in SFPM, standard feet per minute). The built-in temperature sensor automatically corrects the flowrate for temperature variations. Both sensors are rugged glass-coated Platinum resistance detectors (RTDs). The circuit heats the velocity sensor to a constant temperature differential above ambient temperature and measures the cooling effect of the air flow. This design provides excellent low velocity sensitivity and high accuracy. The FMA-900 also features negligible pressure drop. To obtain mass flow rate in SCFM (standard cubic feet/minute), the SFPM velocity indicated by the FMA-900 is multiplied by the cross-sectional area of the pipe or duct in square feet. A traverse across the pipe or duct can be performed to determine the mounting location for average velocity indication. The FMA-900 can be mounted in pipes (down to 38 mm [1.5"] size) with the use of OMEGA® SSLK compression fittings (SSLK-14-14, $8.50). PTFE ferrules are required (T-FER-1/4, $40/10 pack). Each unit is individually calibrated in OMEGA’s NIST-traceable wind tunnel. Suggested power supply; FPW-15, $75. RTD TEMP SENSOR FLOW RUGGED THERMAL MASS VELOCITY SENSOR For compatible meters and controllers, see the iSeries, Section M. Replacement mating connector, model FMA-3CON, $25. F-113 FMA-902-V-R, $852,shown smaller than actual size. Models with remote probe add suffix “-R” and $30. SPECIFICATIONS Accuracy: 1.5% FS @ room temperature 2% at 50°C; 3% at 75°C; 31⁄2% at 100°C; 4% at 121°C; add 1% FS below 1000 SFPM Repeatability: ±0.2% FS Initial Stabilization Time in Flow: 40 sec Response Time/After Stabilization: 400 msec to within 63% of final value at room temperature Probe: Aluminum oxide ceramic glass coating, epoxy; probe body 304SS Probe Temperature: -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F) Probe Pressure: 150 psig maximum Electronics Temperature: Operating: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) Storage: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) Operating Relative Humidity: Less than 80% RH, without condensation Ambient Temp Compensation: About 5 min for 11°C (20°F) temp change Outputs: 0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA Voltage Load Resistance: 250 Ω minimum Current Loop Resistance: 0 Ω minute to 400 Ω maximum; 4-wire Power: 15 to 24 Vdc, 300 mA (0 to 100 and 0 to 200 SFPM only); 15 to 18 Vdc, 300 mA (all other ranges) Accessories: Mating connector prewired to 4.6 m (15') shielded cable (with built-in ferrite core) included, standard Dimensions: Case: 89 H x 51 W x 31.8 mm D (3.5 H x 2 W x 1.25" D) Probe: 6.35 mm (0.25") O.D., 330 mm (13") length Short Probe (-S): 6.35 mm (0.25") O.D., 95 mm (3.75") length Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz) ALL MODELS AVAILABLE FOR FAST DELIVERY! To Order (Specify Model Number) Model No. 0 to 5 V Output FMA-900-V FMA-901-V FMA-902-V FMA-903-V FMA-904-V FMA-905-V FMA-906-V Price $822 822 822 822 822 822 822 Model No. 4 to 20 mA Output FMA-900-I FMA-901-I FMA-902-I FMA-903-I FMA-904-I FMA-905-I FMA-906-I Price $882 882 882 882 882 882 882 Range 0 to 100 SFPM 0 to 200 SFPM 0 to 500 SFPM 0 to 1000 SFPM 0 to 2000 SFPM 0 to 5000 SFPM 0 to 10,000 SFPM Accessories Model No. CAL-3-FLOW FPW-15 FMA-3CON SSLK-14-14 T-FER-1/4 FW-0119 Price $225.00 75.00 25.00 8.50 40.00 155.00 Description NIST-traceable 4-point calibration certificate +15 Vdc power supply Replacement mating connector Compression fitting PTFE ferrules (10-pack) Reference Book: Flow Measurement Comes with 4-point certificate of compliance, mating connector pre-wired to 4.6 m (15') shielded cable and complete operator’s manual. To order with 95 mm (3.75") probe instead of standard 330 mm (13") probe, add suffix “-S” to model number and add $30 to price. To order models with remote probe add suffix “-R” to model number and $30 to price. Ordering Example: FMA-904-I, probe with 4 to 20 mA output, 0 to 2000 SFPM range, plus CAL-3-FLOW, NIST 4-point calibration certificate, $882 + 225 = $1107. F-114 F One Omega Drive | Stamford, CT 06907 | 1-888-TC-OMEGA (1-888-826-6342) | [email protected] UNITED KINGDOM www. Manchester, England 0800-488-488 UNITED STATES 1-800-TC-OMEGA Stamford, CT. FRANCE Guyancourt, France 088-466-342 CANADA Laval(Quebec) 1-800-TC-OMEGA CZECH REPUBLIC Karviná, Czech Republic 596-311-899 GERMANY Deckenpfronn, Germany 0800-8266342 BENELUX Amstelveen, NL 0800-099-33-44 More than 100,000 Products Available! Temperature Calibrators, Connectors, General Test and Measurement Instruments, Glass Bulb Thermometers, Handheld Instruments for Temperature Measurement, Ice Point References, Indicating Labels, Crayons, Cements and Lacquers, Infrared Temperature Measurement Instruments, Recorders Relative Humidity Measurement Instruments, RTD Probes, Elements and Assemblies, Temperature & Process Meters, Timers and Counters, Temperature and Process Controllers and Power Switching Devices, Thermistor Elements, Probes and Assemblies,Thermocouples Thermowells and Head and Well Assemblies, Transmitters, Wire Flow and Level Air Velocity Indicators, Doppler Flowmeters, Level Measurement, Magnetic Flowmeters, Mass Flowmeters, Pitot Tubes, Pumps, Rotameters, Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Valves, Variable Area Flowmeters, Vortex Shedding Flowmeters pH and Conductivity Conductivity Instrumentation, Dissolved Oxygen Instrumentation, Environmental Instrumentation, pH Electrodes and Instruments, Water and Soil Analysis Instrumentation Data Acquisition Auto-Dialers and Alarm Monitoring Systems, Communication Products and Converters, Data Acquisition and Analysis Software, Data Loggers Plug-in Cards, Signal Conditioners, USB, RS232, RS485 and Parallel Port Data Acquisition Systems, Wireless Transmitters and Receivers Pressure, Strain and Force Displacement Transducers, Dynamic Measurement Force Sensors, Instrumentation for Pressure and Strain Measurements, Load Cells, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Reference Section, Pressure Switches, Pressure Transducers, Proximity Transducers, Regulators, Strain Gages, Torque Transducers, Valves Heaters Band Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Circulation Heaters, Comfort Heaters, Controllers, Meters and Switching Devices, Flexible Heaters, General Test and Measurement Instruments, Heater Hook-up Wire, Heating Cable Systems, Immersion Heaters, Process Air and Duct, Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Strip Heaters, Tubular Heaters click here to go to the home page EPG05 ...
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