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Chat_7_Solutions_(CH7) - 7-39 SOLUTION Orange Corporation...

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7-39 SOLUTION: Orange Corporation ORANGE CORPORATION Raw Materials Recording and Transferring System Flowchart December 31, 20__
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7-40 SOLUTION: Main Street Theater (a) The quantity of serially numbered tickets issued during the shift of each cashier is multiplied by the price per ticket to determine the amount of cash that the cashier should have on hand at the end of the shift. Two employees participate in each transaction. The withholding of cash receipts would require collusion between the cashier and the door attendant because the door attendant does not have access to cash and the cashier cannot cause a patron to be admitted without issuing to him a serially numbered ticket. (b) The following steps should be taken by the manager to make these controls work effectively: (1) Maintain careful control over unused rolls of tickets. (2) Make a record of the serial number of the first and last ticket issued on each cashier's shift.
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