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Acumen ’s Ecumenical Business Acumen I think that Jacqueline Novogratz, founder and CEO of Acumen, makes a valid point that charity, as well as the markets, cannot fight poverty alone. Her business is based on patient capitalism, a combination of the two. Acumen’s goals are to combat poverty and enact social change through business by delivering affordable healthcare, water, housing and energy to the poor. In my opinion, Novogratz illustrates the greatest part of the company when she says “Acumen can create models.” She admits that Acumen has only invested around $40 million dollars, but I think the most important part is the way it provides self-sustaining, economically viable aid and its goal to “extend the economy to every person on the planet.” One of Novogratz’ best arguments is her rebuttal to the point that we have suffering in the US, and perhaps our efforts should be focused here. I do not think that we can use Nationalism as an excuse to focus our efforts inwards, and if other countries’ governments cannot help their citizens, we should do everything we can to provide assistance. I completely agree that we are a “single world,” as Novogratz says, and reaching out to the “most possible people
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McGuire_Kristin_GlobalAid - Acumens Ecumenical Business...

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