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Kristin McGuire Behavior Change For the past couple of months I have been eating two pieces of fruit every day in order to decrease my chance of heart disease (as well as increase my chance of getting a good grade in Global Health). There have not been too many barriers for me in this endeavor; however, looking over my daily chart, I have noticed some patterns of when I am/am not able to eat fruit. Thankfully, my socio-economic status and education level are not risk factors for heart disease. Although fruit is quite a bit more expensive than Ramen Noodle Soup, my roommate and I split the cost of groceries, making them affordable. Additionally, as a Community Health major, I understand the positive effects of fruit and where to buy it. I have also had several positive influences on this subject. My parents taught me how to eat and prepare food properly, and my roommate’s example of eating an apple each morning has also affected what I eat for breakfast.
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McGuire_Kristin_BehaviorAnalysis1 - Kristin McGuire...

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