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Seyahatname-Evliya �elebi - Seyahatname written by...

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Seyahatname, written by Evliya Çelebi as a ten-volume collection of notes from all of his travels, is widely accepted as a useful guide to the cultural aspects and lifestyle of 17th-century Ottoman Empire, especially to the research of languages and history of Turkish languages. Evliya Çelebi is an Ottoman traveler who journayed through the territory of the Ottoman Empire and neighbouring lands over a period of 40 yeras and wrote Seyahatname. Even though there are conflicts about his real name, family, and life there is popular knowledge that he was born in Istanbul (old name=Costantinople) in 1611 to a family from Kütahya. His father was Derviş Mehmed Zilli, a jeveller for the Ottoman court. His mother was a tribeswoman, a relative of the later grand vizier Melek Ahmed Pasha. Coming from a wealthy family, he received an excellent education. He may have joined the sufiGülşeni order; evidence for this claim comes from his intimate knowledge of its lodge in Cairo and from a grafito referring to himself as "Evliya-yı Gülşenî" (Evliya of the Gülşenî). He began his travels in Constantinople, taking notes on buildings, markets, customs and culture; in 1640, he started his first journey outside the city. His collection of notes from all of his travels formed a ten-volume work called the Seyahatname. He died sometime after 1682; it is unclear whether he was in Constantinople or Cairo at the time. Seyahatname is a survey and analysis of Evliya’s mentality or worldview. A biography that
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Seyahatname-Evliya �elebi - Seyahatname written by...

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