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Professional Development Workshop 3, Networking

Professional Development Workshop 3, Networking -...

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Professional Development Workshop 3 Networking ENTREPRENEUR PROFILE Reid Hoffman Co-Founder, CEO LinkedIn Executive VP, PayPal Estimate net worth of $1.8+ billion During his time working for Apple and Fujitsu, Reid Hoffman developed a personal list of areas he felt were necessary to have experience within (such as designing, overseeing the shipment of a product, and building a team) and the contacts and connections that had helped or could help him in those areas. When it came time to make the leap into starting his own business, he did so with SocialNet, a website that sought to find matches for dating and beyond. Just as he'd done at Apple and Fujitsu, he continued to focus on how every new experience equipped him with a skill or a contact that he could leverage. He remained in close contact with connections from the past, while also aggressively reaching out to industry experts and insiders in his areas of interest. The constant contact, cultivation of relationships, and genuine interest in others led to numerous offers of seats on a stellar boards for start ups, young companies, and other industry initiatives. After building SocialNet for two years it was time to move on, and the network he'd been carefully developing throughout his entire professional career rewarded him at the highest level possible. Serving on the board of PayPal, a company that he'd connected with during his years at SocialNet, Hoffman reached out to its founder, Peter Thiel and expressed his desire to start another company. Seeing his unrivaled ability to make connections
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  • Fall '08
  • Social network service, A Great Way to Care, LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, student leader, professional development workshop

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Professional Development Workshop 3, Networking -...

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