Study Guide for Chapter 13

Study Guide for Chapter 13 - Dust Bowl Causes of Okies and...

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Study Guide for Chapter 13-14 test Technology Variety of labor-saving devices introduced The expansion of electricity in rural areas (Rural Electrification Act) Rise of the automobile and new industries created (tourism, diners, gas stations, new manufacturing) Movies Sound, populartity Stock Market, crasf of Buying on margin (what is it? How did it work?), margin call Investment into, instead of elsewhere Federal govs response to crash – how did it worsen the depression Great Depression Hoover’s response to the Great Depression, Bonus Army Causes of: Stock Market Crash – speculation, buying on margin, margin call Depressed farms (why were they depressed?) and industries -- Monetary supply (interest rates) Decline in foreign trade (Smoot-Hawley, overseas investment, tariffs, trade wars) Unemployment and under consumption Impact on families Hoovervilles, Hobos
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Unformatted text preview: Dust Bowl Causes of, Okies and their moving to California Demagogues – what is a? Father Charles Caughlin and Huey P. Long New Deal First New Deal CCC, AAA (subsidies), NRA, PWA, FERA (dole) (what did they do? Why?) Banking crisis (moratorium) and the FDIC The rise of unions (NIRA and the Wagner Act) Glas-Steagall Banking Act and the Truth-in-Securities Act Second New Deal – why was it needed? WPA, Social Security (and Dr. Francis Townsend) The Revenue Act Public Utility Holding Company Act Eleanor Roosevelt Efforts to increase the number of women and minorities in government Civil Rights Roosevelt’s support of African Americans and the Black Cabinet Impact of the New Deal Dramatically expanded role of the federal government Commerce Clause and General Welfare Clause Opponents American Liberty League...
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Study Guide for Chapter 13 - Dust Bowl Causes of Okies and...

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