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Test review for Chapter 15 and 16

Test review for Chapter 15 and 16 - Rationing Migration and...

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Test review for Chapter 15 and 16 Rise of Fascism Hitler, Mussolini Rearming the Rhineland and annexing Austria Invasion of Czechoslovakia, Poland Munich Agreement, Nonaggression Pact Rise of Japanese imperialism Motivations Invasion of Manchuria and world response Start of war Membership of Allies Membership of Axis Victory over France, Belgium, Netherlands Failure of the Maginot Line Pearl Harbor – military and strategic impacts War mobilization in the US War Production Board Labor unions and the “No Strike” pledge Employment of women and racial minorities War Bonds – reasons for, tactics to sell Booming employment and the danger of inflation GNP and CPI Wage and price controls Costs of the war – new taxes, bond sales, deficit spending
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Unformatted text preview: Rationing Migration and Boomtowns – problems with Civil Rights and World War II – why such activism during and after war? A Phillip Randolph and the march on Washington Civil rights groups and their tactics Race riots, Zoot Suit Riots FEPC and its limitations Internment of Japanese Americans and subsequent Supreme Court decisions Major battles Europe – Evacuation of Dunkirk, Battle of Britain (the Blitz), Battle of Stalingrad, Operation Overlord, Battle of Bulge Asia – Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Coral Sea, Battle of Guadalcanal, Battle of Midway Island Hopping Unconditional surrender Use of atomic weapons Reasons for and against, targets, impact...
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