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Test Review for US History and Government  Purpose of government Maintain order (state of nature), provide public goods (free riders), protect property Political spectrum – conservatives, liberals, libertarians, radicals Social issues (abortion, school prayer, free speech, criminal rights) Economic issues (labor rights, environmental laws) Influences on public opinion Age, race, gender, income, education Need for Constitutional Convention Articles of Confederation Limitations, motivations for creation, organization and structure Shay’s Rebellion Constitutional convention Virginia plan, New Jersey plan, and the Connecticut Compromise The 3/5 th compromise The importance of compromise Madison’s goals for convention Principles of US Constitutionalism Limited government, popular sovereignty, checks and balances, separation of powers,
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Unformatted text preview: judicial review, federalism Federalism Reasons for, reasons against, general welfare clause, commerce clause, role of states, 10 th amendment, supremacy clause Congress Bicameralism Constitutional powers (make laws, declare war, appropriations, Senate confirmations, impeachment) Organization Speaker, majority leader, minority leader, committees Filibuster and cloture House seats census, reapportionment, redistricting (gerrymandering) Presidency Constitutional powers (execute laws, negotiate treaties, veto, pardons, commander in chief), chain of succession, terms, limits on terms, executive agreements Successful candidates attributes of Federal budget How big, what does it go to, pending problems...
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