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Check Point Employees Union - Engage with the union and see...

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Check Point Employees’ Union Kenny Goodman 11/16/2011 MGT/210 Ian Fraigun
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Worker's Union In order to stop the union from going to the upper management and taking action, I have drafted a plan as follows: In order to avoid the eminent union action now, at the tactical management level, we must: Identify any problems that may be faced in the workforce Establish contact with the union representative so we can ascertain as to which of the problems are identified as core problems, and need to be solved first. Calculate the business capacity for solving the problems/complaints Negotiate with the union representatives and agree on a common ground in order to solve any problems that we may have. In order to avoid repeating the problems in the future, we need to: Have the assistant manager in charge handle a complaint cell. Allow the complaint cell to take complaints every day in order to fix any issues that may arise.
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Unformatted text preview: Engage with the union and see what problems they are having so we can fix them, this way we won't have to do it in the future. By implementing this plan, not only would we fulfill the responsibilities towards the union, by helping by providing them with a venue to openly voice any and all concerns they may have, we are able to avoid an eminent union action. This will allow for a more positive way for workers to be heard. This would establish better working relations between the management and the union, increase the level of trust and automatically highlight any mischief mongers in the union or management trying to take undue advantage of the whole situation. It would also result in the welfare of union members by identifying any prospective problems in advance and taking corrective measures so that the problem is not faced in the first instance....
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