CheckPoint Recruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Training

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Recruiting Selecting Orienting Training Large company Company’s Web site >>Most large companies have their own websites which usually includes a section for job opportunities. Online job application has become a popular method of recruitment. Interested applicants who meet the requirements can post an application and the specified requirements. The human resource department may choose or contact the candidates for screening interview and list candidates for final interview by the supervisor. Job interview by human resources department >>Interested applicants will be interviewed as initial screening by the human resource department. Prescreened applicants will go through supervisor’s interview for selection. The interview will be either a structured where the questions re prepared or unstructured interview where random questions are often asked. Explanation of the organization’s levels of authority >>A large company organization usually has the hierarchy of the authorities. The new employee must be aware of the certain level of authority and the organization. This is usually done by the human resource department or a representative from the higher authorities. Apprenticeship training >> A supervised training and testing of a new employee is very common in large companies. Some large companies even require apprenticeship training as a requirement prior to signing of the work contract. An employee is trained and tested for a specified minimum period of time until the desired work skills are achieved. An employee who fails to show satisfactorily may possibly be disqualified from the job. Training is usually carried out by designated personnel in coordination with human resources department. Classified ads in newspaper >>Classified ads are frequently used by large companies as a recruitment tool. The human resource department gets in contact with certain newspapers to post the vacant post with few details of the required employee to fill in the vacancy. Job interview by immediate supervisors >>Pre-screened qualified candidates will be interviewed by the supervisor for final employment decision. Immediate supervisors
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CheckPoint Recruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Training -...

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