Checkpoint 1- Incident 1-1 Promotion into Supervision

Checkpoint 1- Incident 1-1 Promotion into Supervision -...

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Checkpoint 1- Incident 1-1: Promotion into Supervision 1. Do you think Roy would be a good supervisor? I believe Roy would be a great supervisor. 2. What qualities does Roy posses that support your answer? Roy has qualities that would be deemed appropriate for a good supervisor. Skills such as: Great interpersonal skills-Roy is known by all the members of the union and the management. He takes the time to get to know who he works with. Management skills-Roy was president of the union before and got re-elected, he has to be doing something right if he is being chosen again Respectful-Roy is shown respect by the members of the union. Respect is something you give to others in order to receive, Roy shows respect not only professionally but personally Good in position of Authority-Roy is very comfortable when given authority. Supervisors are
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Unformatted text preview: normally comfortable with running things and always active within in their union. 3. Do you agree with Bill Lindsay’s statement that “a good supervisor just needs to know how to handle people”? Handling people is a huge part of being a supervisor. When it comes to the skills I spoke of, each one involves dealing with people. You have to able to talk to each person, be able to lead them, be respectful to each one, and to be comfortable with being the authority. 4. What do you think the reaction of the employees would be if Roy accepted the job? Employee's will be ecstatic to have Roy take the job. He has been with the company for years and he is well known and liked. Employee's will be happy working under him. He has all the qualities the employee's will want in a supervisor....
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