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Sappal, Pepi (2004, July 24). Diversity organizations strive to improve minority retention. Wall Street Journal , Retrieved October 12, 2011, from Summary The 1990s were a time of strong economic growth in the United States, and employers were willing to expend large sums to identify and recruit candidates of diverse ethnicities. When the slowdown in the economy beginning in the early 2000s, employers are reducing such expenditures, and questioning the benefits of so aggressively recruiting minorities. In addition, minorities who were recruited often end up leaving the company or stuck in mid-level careers as they do not have effective
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Unformatted text preview: mentoring or training for leadership positions. Many organizations have begun offering in depth training, particularly to experienced MBA holders, in order to stop the losses and allow a diverse workforce to succeed at the top levels of the corporate world. I believe all companies need to do this. It would be less of a hassle on companies if they had a more diverse workplace. If I had a company of my own to run I would offer training to all of my employees. Supervisors can follow the examples in this article to further advance a diverse workforce....
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