CheckPoint Incident 2-2 Bad Times at Quality Shoe

CheckPoint Incident 2-2 Bad Times at Quality Shoe -...

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CheckPoint Incident 2-2: Bad Times at Quality Shoe Kenny Goodman MGT/210 10/21/2011 Ian Fraigun
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Bad Times at Quality Shoe Store 1. What do you think of Mack’s approach to solving his problem? I like Mack's approach to solving his problem. He knew the workers weren't unionized, which is easier for him to lay them off without hassle, but instead he asked them to decide what should be done. This would allow them to work together and decide what the best possible solution would be. This would also make it to where the workers couldn't blame for deciding to lay off the workers who didn't make the cut. 2. How would you go about the task if you were Ralph? If I were Ralph I would have done the same thing. I would think of what the best course of action to take by myself and allow the workers to come up with their own solutions. This will allow for two
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Unformatted text preview: solutions to be proposed and for the best one to be chosen. This task will allow employees to respect me as their supervisor because I am giving them a chance to decide on their own future. I would want the employees to see that I am trying to help them out. 3. What do you think Mack should do if he doesn’t think that the group’s decision is reasonable? If the decision is unreasonable, I believe Mack should propose his own idea of how the situation should be handled. I do not think he should just say their idea is bad I believe he should incorporate the good parts into his own idea. If it seems unfair to the employees I think Mack should work with them and decide a best solution together. This will help keep the employees happy and it will allow for the best decision to be made....
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CheckPoint Incident 2-2 Bad Times at Quality Shoe -...

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