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1. How would you answer Kim’s questions if you were Ed Jackson? I would say that I wanted a detailed plan. First, Kim should make an outline of each objective. Next, Kim needs to show how the objectives will be accomplished and finally, Kim needs to tell what will be needed for the objectives to be accomplished. 2. How would you go about preparing this plan if you were Kim Allred? (Suggest a framework for Kim to follow.) If I were Kim Allred I would create an outline page with each objective numbered in order. I would then create a thesis. Within the body, I would start each heading with an objective and then give a detailed description of how I would accomplish each objective given. At the end I would provide a
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Unformatted text preview: summary of the most essential parts in the entire plan. 3. Do you think Kim’s initial reaction to the planning process was unusual? Why or why not? No, because when you have issues with understanding an assignment, you should seek guidance on how to complete it rather than trying to do it without any instruction and handing it in incorrect. If I were in a new position like she was, I would ask for help on how to fulfill my duties as well. We want to be able to do it right the first time, if we panic and don't ask for help we will end up ruining things....
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