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Individual Exercise 7-2 In Basket - In Basket Kenneth...

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In Basket Kenneth Goodman MGT/210 10/30/2011 Ian Fraigun
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In Basket When reviewing the “In Basket” discussion, many of the situations we had to decide what to delegate on, my classmates and I agreed on most of which of the situations should be delegated on. The discussions behind each different decision we made were very interesting. Each classmate gave a sound argument and gave various view points as to why certain situations should be delegated and others shouldn't be. Below I will examine and explain one specific item that we agreed upon and on items that we seemed to have a lot of disagreements on. Situation Agreed On The one item that I noticed most of my classmates agreed on was number one, which is, “ Two applications for jobs (no positions available at the present time) .” All classmates see this as something that should be delegated, there are no positions available so a supervisor shouldn't really be wasting time trying to hire people without having a job for them to do. The store will not go under and there
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